Thursday, March 3, 2011

What, the Hell?

What up, blog readers? It's been a while.

No time for chit-chat, let's dive into something that matters.

Our beliefs about heaven and hell matter. Rob Bell wisely said something to the effect of "what you believe about heaven and hell matters because they reflect what you believe God is like."

So here are my questions for you, dear reader: (IF I get some good responses on this, then I will probably post my (partially formulated) beliefs on hell.)

Is there a place called hell? If so, what is it like? What is its function?

Is there place called heaven? If so, what is it like? Is it filled with spirits, humans, or something else? What is its function?

I look forward to reading your thoughtful responses.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010


  • For who I am
  • For Whose I am
  • For what I am
  • For where I am
  • For when I am
  • For who I have
  • For what I have
  • For when I have
  • For when I have not
  • For what I know
  • For what I will know
  • For what I don't know
  • For what I will never know

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Have you been Subversively Reformed?

My friend Travis Keller recently made a post titled "Are you contemplative?" on his blog, Subversive Reformation. Semi-inspired by that post, I decided to write this one. It is in jest.

  • Did you recently purchase thick rimmed glasses, regardless of whether or not your vision required them?
  • Do you find yourself shopping exclusively at Express or its regional equivalent?
  • Have you recently found yourself as part of a photo shoot in a graveyard?
  • Do you have a young daughter whom you believe to be a profound theologian?
  • Have you given a talk within the last 18 months regarding the color of specific fruits?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you may have been subversively reformed. You have two options:
1. Embrace it. If you're male, you may soon find yourself as an Oakwood RA, SLA, or SGA member.
2. Fight it. It may be emergent, and we all know that is bad. Call a dr. Preferrably a Reverend Doctor of the Old-school persuasion. He may be able to exorcise the emergent/post-modernism out of you.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

My week

It's not that I'm not used to disappointment, it's just that it's so... disappointing.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Christmas Season

That most wonderful of times is upon us yet again: The Christmas Season. Yes, it's Christmas time. Time to light a fire in the fireplace, sip some cocoa, wrap presents, and listen to songs about murder and infidelity.

"Murder and infidelity! What?!?!" you may say.
"Yes. Our yuletide airwaves are full of them!" I'd reply.
"Shocking," you respond.
"Indeed," I say.

What are some of examples of these songs that distract from the true meaning of America's favorite virgin birth?

Murder: Grandma got run over by a reindeer. Note the horrified expression on grandma's face as she realizes her impending doom. Click for the video. Ok, so maybe it's not exactly murder, but due to the fact that "our friend" Saint Nick failed to report this traffic related fatality, it's at least vehicular manslaughter or negligent homicide. Hey Kris Kringle! I do say there's such a thing as Santa, and I think you deserve 25-life!

Infidelity: Murder wasn't enough for this jolly fellow, Santa Claus. No. He had to hit on your mom, too. Click here to hear the shocking tale. Maybe this bizarre event was the one that drove Michael to become the strange man we knew in his later life. I know I'd be permanently scarred from such a shocking series of events. Hey Santa! Stay away from my mom. Maybe seek marriage counseling along with Mrs. Claus. Poor lady, she probably didn't even know until she heard the song...

This post is dedicated to Grandma, Michael Jackson, and all those discerning souls who are searching for the true meaning of Christmas.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Myth of Christian Positivity

One of my biggest pet-peeves is what I call "the myth of christian positivity". This myth essentially states that it is a Christian's job to be positive at all times, regardless of the circumstances.

"Certainly there aren't people who are really like that," you might say.
But yes, yes there are. And they have the most loving intentions.

You see, many of these people are simply trying to be like Christ.

"We're called to be encouragers!" they might say.

Yes. Yes we are.

But aren't we also called to be authentic? I think that the world sees things that are fake each and every day. And they're great at spotting these things.

You know what I think we need? Christians that are authentic. That are honest with themselves and the world around them. Christians who recognize that some situations have shades of gray. Individuals who will recognize that sometimes circumstances just suck.

Let's offer hope and peace, absolutely! But let us also be willing to recognize that not everything's o.k. Let's meet people where they're at in their suffering and sit with them for a while. No one's happy all the time. So let's not try to be. People almost universally value honesty. Let's build a relationship and talk with these people about a person named Jesus. A person who sometimes drank; a person who met people in their suffering and engaged them.

Let's be Jesus and engage with honesty and openness and most of all, love.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Where is God in the midst of hectic schedules? In a life filled with reading, reading, meetings, more reading, and more meetings? In mandated chapel attendance, broken card scanners, press box burnings, and H1N1?

He's in an iced mocha from mcdonald's. He's in fake characters named Rick. He's in laundry that smells like Tide with a hint of lavender®. He's in health care debates and tort reforms and textbook revelations. He's in the occipital lobe and the cost of modernization. He's in distributional justice and fresh-cut grass.

He's all around. Do we notice him?